Working Hard…

Hello everybody!  How is your build season going?  Ours is going fantastic!  According to Build Team, we are about a week ahead of where we were this time last year!  While we have the team building a robot to dominate all the competition, we also have the team working on getting a replica of as […]
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The Race Has Begun!!!

And so we begin!!! The kick off this year was AMAZING!!! Wonderful food, lovely and cheesy presentation of the game… how could it have been any better??? The teams are working super hard ALREADY!!! We have Design working on, well, the design for the robot; Marketing is working on some lovely little trinkets to bring […]
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Well hello there! Welcome to the BRAND SPANKIN’ NEW website for MAGNAtech 3468!!!  Here, you will find all sorts of beautiful new little features such as a well-maintained blog that will keep you up to date with what is going on in the life of team 3468.  We also have many beautiful plans for a lot […]
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