Mrs. Ashlee Bell (Rookie Year 2014)

Ashlee Bell has been an English teacher at West Monroe High School for 7 years.  She teaches both regular and STEM English I & II. Mrs. Bell oversees the logistics and build teams.

Mr. Cody Lewis (Rookie Year 2010)

Cody Lewis has worked at West Monroe High School for 9 years.  Originally hired on as a Chemistry teacher, Mr. Lewis has been promoted to an administration position where he oversees all of the technical aspects at the high school. Mr. Lewis is the founding coach of Team 3468.  Mr. Lewis oversees the marketing team.


Mr. Erik Aswell (Rookie Year 2017) – Rules

Erik Aswell has been a teacher at West Monroe High School for 5 years.  The first year that he was here, Mr. Aswell taught as a long term substitute.  Then, he was hired on full-time and now teaches DE American History to juniors, and DE/AP Western Civilization to seniors. Mr. Aswell oversees rules and game regulations.

Dr. Larry Blackmon (Rookie Year 2012) – Build

Dr. Blackmon spent many years as an optometrist in West Monroe. Dr. Blackmon is also an accomplished machinist.  He serves as one of our build mentors.

Mr. Daryl Bridges (Rookie Year 2012) – Build

Mr. Bridges spent many years as a mechanical engineer.  Now (mostly) retired, Mr. Bridges serves as one of our build mentors.

Mr. Cameron Brister (Rookie Year 2016) – Marketing

Mr. Brister helps to keep the back end of our website up and running.  He mentors our marketing team.

Mr. Joey Higuera (Rookie Year 2010) – Build

Joey is a founding member of Team 3468.  Joey is currently pursuing a degree in mechanical engineering at Louisiana Tech. Joey mentors our build team.

Mr. Larry Prather (Rookie Year 2012) – Build

Mr. Prater is a jack-of-all trades.  He has many talents that he uses to help mentor our build team.